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Major waterproofing for Office Building Project - Guide to Facilities Management Professionals
Waterproofing of Terrace of Office cum Technical Building at Connaught Place, New Delhi
Issue The incidence of seepage from the terrace of Office cum Technical Building at Connaught Place, New Delhi has been observed in the VSB-Bangla Sahib Building Historically several water proofing treatments were carried out on the terrace but was not effective; Due to the same it became impossible to locate the exact points of seepage
Our Approach to Solving the Issue
The only feasible solution was to dismantle all previous layers of water-proofing & insulation and to reach to the mother slab Only after reaching the mother slab level the water-proofing treatment could be carried out and thereafter proper insulation treatment along with additional water proofing treatment could provide permanent solution
Challenges Faced
1- Dismantling of huge amount of existing water proofing material and safe disposal of the same from terrace to ground. During project planning phase we estimated 250 mm depth for the dismantling whereas when the dismantling started we found the previous water proofing layer to be approx. 450 mm deep; this considerably lengthened the project duration
2- Another major challenge was to carry out project work without hampering services of Telecom switch area below the entire roof; Since this building was operational office we had to avoid the main dismantling activity in daytime; Work was carried out at night; Accidental rains during project phase in the month of April & May ‘12 also posed hindrance
3- There are lot of air conditioning o/d unit in terrace feeding to Telecom Switch and it was very critical task to carry water proofing on that area considering all safety of the machine

STAGE 1: Dismantling work progress with Jack Hammer. Existing water proofing has been dismantled up to mother slab.

STAGE 2: Application of chemical (Flow Cable 50) grouting through NRV on crack part of mother slab

STAGE 3: Application of HLM 5000 compound in two coats. Second coat is being applied after 12 hours of 1st coat.

STAGE 4: Laying of EPS board including overlaid of cement mortar mixed with Rheomac 707 chemical compound.

STAGE 5: Polymer Coating with fibre mesh & Masterseal 550 EL

STAGE 6: 1st step of Leakage test filling with water

STAGE 7: Final stage with cement sand plaster and neat cement finish

STAGE 8: Final leakage test with water stagnant for 48 hrs

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